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Fall 2023

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2019 Conference

Keynote Address, Thursday:

Don't Wait for Permission to be the Artist in You

Keynote Address, Friday:

How I Earned my WINGS - Lessons on Transforming Trauma

keynote list

Mr. Arteaga was a part of San Diego Unified School District Race/Human Relations and Advocacy Department for 16 years, training staff and entire departments on Culturally Relevant Instructional Strategies, Cultural Proficiency and Restorative Practices.  He has presented at world and international conference on Restorative Practice and his work has appeared in documentaries in England, Canada and National PBS.  read more>

Co-founder & Executive Director


During her illustrious 25 year career in the violence against women’s field, Ruby has operated and led domestic violence shelter and transitional housing programs, provided consultation and training in almost every U.S. city and territory across Canada and South America, securing over 15 million dollars in funds to improve outcomes for victims of violence. read more>

President of National Initiatives, Director of Latinos United for Peace and Equity LUPE


Last Year

2019 Conference Workshops

Mental Health - Behavioral Health - AOD/Substance Abuse

Violence/Criminal Justice-  Mindfulness - Indigenous Teachings - LGBTQ

Teaching Mindfulness in Diverse Spaces  

Everardo Pedraza, MA, MS   read more>>


Pick up the Pen: How to Run a Creative Writing Workshop.

Tina Curiel-Allen  read more>>


Unpacking Resiliency: A liberatory approach to Neurodecolonization and Self-preservation Laura Rios-Ramirez, Cihuatlatohki   read more>>


Emotional Intelligence & Door #5 , “The Incarceration of The Mind.” Michael J Allen, MA, MFTI, IMF  read more>>


Impact of Immigration on the Mind, Body & Soul

Dr. Roberto de la Rosa, JD  read more>>


Treating Self-Injury in Teens.  

Mario Lopez, LCSW,   read more>>


Nurtured Heart Approach (in Spanish) a powerful tool that will transform a difficult child and build you up as a professional. Rodolfo Rodriguez, BS, CADAC-II  read more>>


Ayúdate, ayuda a los demás: The Value of Mental Health Screening in the Latino Community. David A. Veira, M.Ed  read more>>

ChicanaHerstory:  You've heard History Now Hear Hers

Maria E. Ramirez, MS  read more>>


Xinachtli- Rites of Passage for Girls. Development,

Well-being and Leadership.  Sara Haskie Mendoza  read more>>


Gender and Orientation Matters for Latino/a Youth

Luann Baldwin, LCSW   read more>>


Movement-Expression for Balance: Voices from Linear and Metaphoric Worlds. Rosa Granadillo-Schwentker PhD, R-  read more>>


Decolonizing Indigneous Knowledge. 

Susy J. Zepeda, PhD  read more>>

Resilience and Motivational Interviewing for LatinX.  “You are the Key to the Empowerment Journey”, Elizabeth Contreras, MSW  read more>>

S.T.A.M.P. De-Escalation Training: A Method to

Prevent Interpersonal Violence   Luis R. Orozco, LCSW    read more>>

Medicinal Drumming,

Debra Camarillo, MA, CATC-I  read more>>

Sacred Fatherhood: Raising our children with PRIDE

Mario Ozuna-Sánchez,  read more

Demystifying Sexual Trauma in Sacred Spaces

Paty Cardenas,  read more>>

Tobacco Use in Hispanic/Latino Communities

Daisy Lopez, M.A.,  read more>>


Cara y Corazon,  a family strengthening, leadership development program

Jaime Molina, MSW,  read more>>

Ollin Xí,  mindful practice that improves the mind, heart, and body with regular movements, meditation and breathing.

Ismael Huerta,  read more>>

Rising from the Outskirts to Bridge Toward Healing,   the historical context of Organizations doing healing work in communities of color

Rahsmia Zatar, LMSW, MA / Beria Gaxiola, MFT,  read more>>

Craving Better Health,   increase knowledge of mental factors related to craving and clinging behaviors embedded in our addictive mental states. 

Manuel Vasquez, MSW,  read more>>

Introduction to Cultural Humility,   Develop a common understanding of the principles of cultural humility, Lidia Doniz, PhD / Tiffiani Darks,  read more>>

Using Nature for Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals.  When we care for ourselves, we are in a better place to give of ourselves to others.

Ana Soto-Limon, LCSW,  read more>>


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