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Entre Familia Outpatient Services

Call: 1+650-244-1444

Fax: 650-763-2366

Behavioral Health Home | RN MD LMFT, LCSW |  Xinachtli Youth Program

Healthy Recovery

The success of an addict’s treatment requires the support of an entire community. At The Latino Commission, we understand the heartache and pains of addiction and the strength that can be gained from successful treatment. Take advantage of this service to help in your healing process and get in touch for more information.

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Responsible Care

This service is conducted in a group setting because we’ve found that individuals respond best to treatment when treated together. We prefer a nurturing approach, with an emphasis on education and empowerment to move forward. We are here to help you put the old phase of your life behind and start anew.

Confidential and Comprehensive

Your personal history and circumstances make your addiction unique to you. This service is tailored for you and your addiction, and focuses on educating you and making you strong enough - in mind and body - to be well. We will be with you every step of the way, motivating you and helping you to see that you are never alone in this tough journey.

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