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1001 Sneath Lane, Ste 307

 San Bruno, CA 94066-2349

call: 1+650-244-1444

fax: 1+650-244-1447

Entre Familia Outpatient Services

call: 1+650-413-9635

fax: 1+650-763-2366


(559) 679-2808

Orosi High School Campus

41815 Road 128

P.O. Box 239

Orosi, CA 93647-2008

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December 22, 2018

This year has been a turbulent year for those looking for peace and balance. However, nature teaches us there is a storm before the calm. In the process of looking for balance there must be movement and currently we are beginning to see movement happen. We saw history...

December 21, 2018

Debra Camarillo and Adriana Escobar attend Xinachtli National Collectiva Intergenerational Working Group Retreat
Los Angeles, CA.

Debra Camarillo attends the Xinachtli Curriculum Training
Colorado Springs, Colorado

December 21, 2018

Instead of self-care, I prefer to use cuidado.  In Spanish, when you say cuidado, it projects a sense of protection and nurturing. This is an Indigenous approach as compared to the western view of self-care,

being one dimensional.

The indigenous approach is multidimensi...

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